How long does it take to evict a tenant in BC?

Best Answer: Depends* There are multiple reasons as to why you would need to evict a tenant and there are multiple reasons as to why the timelines for those reasons will vary. Let's dig in... The 4 main reasons to...
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How do I screen a Tenant in BC?

Best answer: Thoroughly. After a prospective tenant has proven their abililty to set a showing appointment, show up on time, ask good questions during the showing, and complete an application fully, you should complete the...
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What is a good CAP Rate?

Let's start with answering "what is a CAP Rate?" first... Basically, a CAP rate or “Capitalization Rate” is the net income generated by a real estate asset in comparison to the...
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What is "Full Property Management"?

This one is easy! Check out our Services and Fees page to get a simple breakdown of what Full Service Management should be: 
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