Searching for a home to rent in Greater Vancouver is a stressful endeavour. The last thing you want to do is to find a place you want, within your budget, with a Landlord/Agent you like working with, just to lose out on it in the last minute because someone else had prepared their paperwork in advance. We see this happen all the time!

This blog post is to help you understand what we are looking for to better help you prepare to apply. Below is what our application looks like so you can review and better prepare.


We will require proof of income documentation to be uploaded into this form, so please ensure this is available on your computer or device prior to completing the form. This information will be reviewed by our team who will be in touch with you to discuss moving forward. If you are applying with more than 1 tenant applicant, please provide the link to this form to your co-applicant to fill out.

To further understand the relationship between our licensed professionals and the owner of the property, please click the following link before moving forward:

Once the application is completed you'll receive an email (check your junk/spam) as well as being redirected to a 60 second video with information about our application process.


First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name (ex: Sarah B Smith) 

This is required for the credit check as part of the application.

ID Type * - You must have Canadian issued photo ID or a Canadian Work Permit and Matching Passport

This information helps confirm your identity for the credit check.

If you are applying with additional applicants in your household, please provide their names and make sure they complete a separate application using the same link you used

Total Number of Adult Occupants * - Number of occupants aged 19 or older.

Total Number of Minor Occupants * - Number of occupants under 19 years of age.

Number of Pets * - And Photo of Pet (Optional) - We love seeing photos of our applicants companions! Upload to share.

Your Current Address - For credit check and Landlord reference purposes. 

Landlord Reference Contact - Please include name and phone number of current Landlord and previous Landlord. If you do not have a Landlord, please describe your current housing situation below and we can advise on a replacement reference.

Employment Contact - Please include contact information of supervisor or employer, as well as the best time to contact them to speed up the process. If you're self employed, retired, or have other sources of income other than employment, please note that here.

Job Title/Brief Description - Please enter your job title or a brief description of your position. If you are self employed, please enter your industry or field of business. If you're self employed, retired, or have other sources of income other than employment, please note that here.

Paystubs / Proof of Income - Please attach your last 2 paystubs here. Ensure the entire document is visible. If you are self employed and do not receive a T4, please cover up your SIN number and upload your most recent T1 or T5. If you do not have any of the above documentation, please upload any proof of income you may have and we'll reach out to discuss further. If you are uncomfortable uploading any of this information, please contact us directly.

Tenant's Insurance - By checking this box, I, the Applicant, understand that I will be required under the RTA to carry tenants’ insurance covering my possessions, cost of living out in case of an emergency, and protecting me against liability.

Consent to Run Credit Check and Process Application - By checking this box I, the Applicant, consent to the Landlord, upon verifying my identification, to obtain credit, personal, and employment information about me from one or more consumer reporting agencies and from other sources of such information prior to offering this home to me for rent. I authorize the reporting agencies and any other person, including personnel from any government ministry or agency, to disclose relevant information about me to the Landlord. If the Landlord and I enter into a Lease Agreement, I understand that the above information will also be used and disclosed during the tenancy in situations where consent is implied (emergencies, management and disputes, etc.).

Confirmation of Application - By checking this box, I, the Applicant, confirm that I am officially submitting my application to rent the home as noted above. I understand that further documentation may be required prior to my application being accepted.

We review all offers from applicants including the monthly rental rate you are willing to sign a lease for. Please enter that amount below.



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Even if you do not end up renting from us, the above information should help you prepare for your upcoming search as most Landlords will require much or all of this information to apply.

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